How to Use Nose Hair Trimmer?


It can be used by reading the steps in the manual. The method of using the nose hair trimmer is actually relatively simple. Generally, it will be explained in the manual. When using it, you can directly push the switch up to open the nose hair trimmer, and then trim the nose hair. The device is placed in the nostril and rotates back and forth to achieve the purpose of trimming the nose hair.

After use, please pay attention to clean up in time. If it is waterproof, you can rinse it gently with water, then let it dry and put it in the box, so that you can take it out next time, but it is not waterproof. It should be noted that it cannot be cleaned with water. You can use a small brush to gently sweep back and forth to achieve the purpose of cleaning.


Be careful to turn off the nose hair trimmer after use. Then put on the protective cover, which can prevent the blade from being affected and also prevent the blade from injuring a certain part of the body. When the nose hair trimmer is in use, the effect is actually very obvious, and it can make the inside of your nostrils look cleaner and tidy.

Many people only pay attention to shaving and do not pay attention to trimming their nose hair. This will affect the external beauty, but it is not recommended to modify too frequently, because the nose hair has a good effect on blocking dust and bacteria, and excessive pruning will affect these effects. As long as it is not particularly obvious, most do not need to trim, but when choosing a nose hair trimmer, please buy good quality products, so that it will not cause damage to the skin inside the nose.

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